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Whom Might Terry Collins Take to All-Star Game?

The first update on the National League All-Star Game voting Wednesday shows Yoenis Cespedes third among outfielders. As a starter or backup, he is almost assured a spot on the team. Whom else might Terry Collins take?

all-star gameYou might forget that as the defending league champions, Collins gets to manage the team and pick some of the reserves. Gone are the days when the manager picked all of them and guys like Joe Torre were able to bring a third of his team with him. Now, the players have a vote and the manager has to work with the league on the rest. Still, Collins has a decent say.

So what other Mets might he take? Neil Walker is a possibility. He is running third behind Daniel Murphy and Ben Zobrist in the voting at second base. They are both deserving, but if Walker continues to hit home runs, he could force himself onto the team.

Noah Syndergaard is a cinch to make the squad. He could even get the start if Clayton Kershaw and Jake Arrieta are unavailable. Jeurys Familia will almost certainly be picked, despite his recent blips. Familia was a noticeable snub last season, and Collins will make it up to him this time around. Steven Matz is a definite possibility. Jacob deGrom is a longshot, but if he has a sensational June, he could make the team.

It will be nice to see as many as six Mets standing on the baseline when they make the All-Star Game introductions. They usually just have one or two. Terry Collins can make sure the Mets are a dominant presence at the Mid-Summer Classic.

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