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What’s Next After Terrible, Terrible Lost Weekend?

Well, let’s hope this is as far as the Mets can fall — gettings swept at home by the worst team in baseball. There will likely be some kind of fallout from the terrible lost weekend. The only question is, what will it be?

metsTerry Collins promised to “shake some things up.” There are many ways to interpret that. Maybe he will just re-jigger the lineup (picking names out of a hat worked for Billy Martin back in the day). The Mets were outscored 15-4 in the three losses to the Braves, including a one-hit shutout on Sunday, so something needs to change.

Or maybe it will be the personnel that changes. Travis d’Arnaud is due back Tuesday, so he will obviously be inserted into the starting lineup until his next injury.

There is speculation the struggling Michael Conforto will be demoted. Such speculation is certainly warranted — after hitting .365 in April, Conforto managed a measly .169 in May and is even worse in June so far, at .137. But I think that would be a mistake. In his short time with the Mets, Conforto has proven that he can hit major league pitching. Give him a chance to work things out.

People are clamoring for Brandon Nimmo to be brought up in Conforto’s place. It would be nice to see what Nimmo’s got, but not right now, and not at the cost of stunting Conforto’s growth.

There is also talk of moving Neil Walker to third and promoting Dilson Herrera. This might be the best move. I think Herrera is going to be a star; in fact, I was surprised when the Mets brought Walker in this past winter. I assumed Herrera’s time had come. Apparently not, but it might be now.

Every season has to have a low point. If this weekend does not prove to be that point for the 2016 Mets, then we are in for a load of trouble.

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