Why is Daily News Statue-Shaming Mets?

The Daily News, a once great newspaper and now an embarrassment of a website, has taken up an odd cause — bashing the Mets for not having statues outside of Citi Field. Why, exactly?

daily news
Yes, this made the front page of a newspaper.

In a series (!) of articles this week that included a blaring front page (!) headline, the newspaper takes the Mets to task for not honoring their greats with statues. The wife of Tom Seaver, who would be the obvious recipient of the first statue (Seaver, not the wife), chimed in, saying it is “ridiculous… I’m embarrassed for (the Mets). I really am.”

The articles correctly point out that when Citi Field opened in 2009, it was bereft of nods to Mets history. The team heard the complaints and in recent years, it has tried to correct the error with the addition of the Mets Hall of Fame, Mets colors all over the stadium and images of Mets great moments on the walls.

Several times, the articles tell us that the Mets are one of just six teams that do not have statues of their legendary ballplayers outside of their home field. The articles make a valid point that statues would be great places for fans to meet and take selfies (because the world needs more selfie locations). So that means the Mets have to fall in line and do what almost every other team in the league does? What about a little individuality?

It is no secret the Mets need to do more to honor their past. When Mike Piazza’s number is retired next month, it will be just the second player number to be retired. Maybe the Mets can come up with a novel way to show their fans they appreciate the team’s history. But the Mets should not commission statues just because some lame newspaper says they should.

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