Idiot Keith Law “Disappointed” Mets Signed Jose Reyes

ESPN’s Keith Law says he is “disappointed” that the Mets signed Jose Reyes, saying the move is a “whitewashing” of the domestic violence incident just so the Mets can improve their ballclub. Keith Law is an idiot.

keith law
Jose Reyes is back in Mets organization, whether Keith Law likes it or not.

First of all, everybody agrees what happened in that hotel room in Hawaii was a very serious matter. While he was initially charged, the fact remains that Reyes’ wife refused to further cooperate, forcing prosecutors to drop charges. This does not mean Reyes was innocent of those charges, but it does mean that his wife apparently forgave him. And she is the only one that matters here.

No, Keith Law matters more. The 52-game suspension Reyes served was not enough; if it were up to Law, Reyes would be banned from the sport forever, writing, “Major League Baseball said teams could sign him, not that someone had to.”

Law takes issue with Reyes statement after the signing.

Upon signing with the Mets, Reyes said that he “deeply regret[s] the incident that occurred.” This is not something “that occurred” — beware the passive voice — but shows Reyes refusing to take responsibility.

Law uses semantics and conveniently leaves out the rest of the statement in an attempt to prove his point. Here is the statement in its entirety, in which Reyes undoubtedly takes responsibility:

“As I have expressed in the past, I deeply regret the incident that occurred and remain remorseful and apologetic to my family I have completed the counseling required by MLB, have been in ongoing therapy, and will continue with counseling going forward. I appreciate the Mets organization for believing in me and providing the opportunity to come back home to New York.”

He then goes on to criticize Sandy Alderson for the signing, implying he did not take the incident seriously, and all he cares about was the team. Here is Alderson’s statement, also omitted by Law:

“We made the decision to offer a contract to Jose after extensive consideration and discussion with Jose, his representatives, Major League Baseball and various departments at the Mets. We are convinced that Jose has accepted responsibility for his actions and their consequences and have confirmed he is taking steps beyond those prescribed by MLB, including ongoing counseling. Accordingly, we believe he deserves a second chance to return to our organization.”

Obviously, if the Mets did not think Reyes could help on the field, they would not bother with him. But I am certain if the Mets did not think Reyes was taking responsibility for the assault, they would not have signed him. Law compares this to the Cowboys signing Greg Hardy, but the two cases are not comparable; Hardy denies doing anything wrong and has not taken responsibility for his actions.

I am biased because I am a Mets fan and like all Mets fans, I like Jose Reyes. But in our world, people who make mistakes, accept responsibility and take their punishment are deserving of a second chance. Not in Keith Law’s world, though. No second chances. I guess he is the rare person who has never made a mistake in his life.

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