Santana to Have Surgery

The Mets announced today that Johan Santana will undergo season-ending surgery on his left shoulder. It is unclear if Santana will be ready by opening day 2011.

The Mets released a statement:

“An MRI at the Hospital for Special Surgery in Manhattan yesterday revealed that Mets pitcher Johan Santana has suffered a tear of the anterior capsule of the left shoulder. The injury is located on the front and bottom part of the shoulder close to the pectoral muscle, resulting in discomfort radiating through both the pectoral muscle and shoulder. Santana will undergo surgery in the near future and we anticipate he will be able to resume throwing in the spring.”

santanaYes, the Mets can anticipate that, but these are the same people who said Carlos Beltran would be ready to go by May. He was out two and a half months more.

Either way, this is the second straight year Santana’s season ended early because of injury and surgery. This certainly does not bode well for 2011. The Mets obviously need a healthy Santana if they are going to do anything next year. Then again, a healthy Santana hasn’t translated into winning seasons for the team, so maybe next season would be lost, anyway.

This illustrates just how important it is for the Mets to get another ace in the off season. Cliff Lee would be perfect, but there’s no way the Mets (or anyone else, for that matter) will beat the Yankees in the expected free agent chase. An aceless rotation of Pelfrey, Niese, Dickey, Mejia and a fifth starter if Santana is not ready does not strike fear into opposing lineups.

Only the Mets could have their 2011 ruined before 2010 even ends.

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