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Mets Arbitration Roundup

UPDATE 6:50pm
Matt Harvey and Mets agreed to $5,125,000 plus bonuses.

UPDATE 3:45pm
Jacob deGrom and Mets agreed to $4,050,000 plus bonuses.

Original post:

Friday at 1pm Eastern time was the deadline for teams and players to file salary arbitration numbers. No one really wants to go to arbitration, so many deals are made just before the deadline. This year is no exception.

There is one exception for the Mets, though. Teams and players are free to continue to negotiate to avoid a hearing. In the past, this is what the Mets have done, almost always successfully. This year, though, the Mets are taking the hard line that several teams already take — if you file, we will go to a hearing. No negotiations.

Well, it looks like the Mets are headed for several hearings. At the time of this writing, Matt Harvey, Jacob deGrom and Wilmer Flores have not come to agreements, so they will apparently appear before an arbitrator. Here’s who did settle and at what salary:

Jeurys Familia-$7,425,000
Addison Reed-$7,750,000
Travis d’Arnaud-$1,875,000
Josh Edgin-not released

The Mets settled with a couple of players earlier in the week:

Zach Wheeler-$800,000
Lucas Duda-$7,250,000

And last month:

Rene Rivera-$1,750,000

So there you go. The Mets likely heading to contentious hearings with two of their most important players. Salary arbitration is a terrible policy. Why do you think no other sport has adopted it?


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