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Mets Suddenly Walking Wounded

Remember 2009, when the Mets were supposed to win the World Series (at least according to Sports Illustrated)? Instead, everybody got injured and they finished 22 games below .500? Let’s hope this season does not come to that, but suddenly, half the team is injured.

Yoenis Cespedes did something with a hamstring during Thursday night’s loss to the Phillies. He will have an MRI on Friday.

Wednesday night’s game was particularly damaging. Lucas Duda hyperextended his elbow and Travis d’Arnaud suffered a hand contusion. Not to mention Wilmer Flores, who actually had to spend a night in the hospital with an infection in his knee.

The latter three are only expected to miss a few games. Cespedes, obviously the heart and soul of the lineup, will almost definitely miss the next several games, and possibly much more depending on the outcome of the test. Don’t forget, Cespedes has spent time on the shelf over the past couple of years because of problem hamstrings.

Hopefully these injuries will not rise to the level of those in 2009, but in a season in which the Mets have realistic championship desires, injuries can make things go south very fast. Mets fans hope not to have to live through that again.

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