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Not Ready to Give Up on Mets

While many Mets fans have given up on the season and started thinking about 2018, I am not ready to go that route. They have one more chance before that towel is thrown in.

Jacob deGrom opens second half for Mets.

Prior to what turned out to be an ill-fated road to trip close out the first half, I wrote that the Mets needed to split the six games in order to remain five games below .500 and within striking distance of the second Wild Card slot (the division is gone). Well, they went 1-4 (with one rain out) to fall eight games below .500. They are 10 and a half games out of the second Wild Card, with five teams between them and the Rockies, who sit in that spot.

But wait, guess which team visits Citi Field to start the second half on Friday? That’s right, those very same Rockies. If the Mets sweep, then suddenly they are seven and a half games behind. As long as not every team ahead of them also seeps, the Mets should be able to leapfrog over a couple of them.

So basically, the Mets have to sweep a very good Rockies team in order to give them a fighting chance. A four-game sweep of the mediocre Cardinals (who just took two out of three from the Mets in St. Louis), who come to Citi Field next, would also be nice, but not imperative. They need to win three of those games, though.

To sum up, a 6-1 homestand, with a sweep of the Rockies, or the Mets are likely done for the season. Easy, right?

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