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Mets Don’t Sweep Rockies; What’s Next?

The Mets really, really needed to sweep the Rockies this weekend at Citi Field. But they didn’t.

Steven Matz got battered around as Mets lost finale against Rockies.

Things looked good the first two games, as the Mets destroyed the Rockies by a combined score of 23-5. Everything was clicking — excellent starting pitching, timely hitting, even the defense. But everything fell apart in game three as it was the Rockies turn to beat up on the Mets, 13-4.

So instead of being picking up three games and standing seven and a half games behind the Rockies for the second Wild Card, they picked up just one game and are nine and a half games back. It was an opportunity lost.

So are the Mets done? Not yet. They have one more chance. They need to win at least three out of four, if not an outright sweep, against the mediocre Cardinals at Citi Field this week. Then the lousy A’s come in — a sweep is also a real possibility. Then the Mets embark on a western road swing that sees them playing four against the terrible Padres and three against the underachieving Mariners. A 5-2 record would be advisable.

It is imperative that the Mets come close to this 11-3 record over the next 14 games because that would bring us to July 31 — the trade deadline. Sandy Alderson would have to decide whether to be a seller or stand pat to make another run.

If they can play well enough to convince Alderson not to trade the veterans, then comes what would be the crucial series of the season — three in Colorado. It would be difficult, but two out of three ain’t bad there.

So we are looking at a 13-4 record over the games. That would leave the Mets two games over .500 and likely within striking distance of the Rockies. Is it possible? Well, the schedule is certainly amenable to such a run. But are the they good enough? So far this season, the answer has to be no. But they went on incredible runs the past two seasons, so let’s give them this one more chance.

If the Mets can’t at least reach .500 at the end of these 17 games, then they are probably done. They have this one opportunity. Hopefully they won’t blow it.

One thought on “Mets Don’t Sweep Rockies; What’s Next?

  • Matz is another typical Mets overhyped guy. Always hurt, inconsistent..,needs video to figure out he’s throwing it over the middle. Moron.

    Mets have three good pitchers: de Grom, Thor and Lugo. Harvey will never be the same, Wheeler and Matz are the same inconsistent guy to me. Can’t be counted on. Gsellman looks like a one hit wonder too.

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