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Mets Trade Jay Bruce to Indians

Word coming down late Wednesday night that they Mets have traded Jay Bruce to the Indians. What a terrible move.

In return, the Mets get a 22-year-old minor league reliever named Ryder Ryan. A 30th round pick in 2016, Ryan sports a 4.50 ERA in 48 games over the past two seasons. Not exactly a blue-chipper.

So why did the Mets trade arguably their best player this season for practically nothing? Simple — the Indians are picking up the remaining $5 million of Bruce’s contract. The Yankees were reportedly offering multiple prospects for Bruce, but they wanted the Mets to pick up some of the contract. That was probably a non-starter for the Mets.

I was hoping the Mets would re-sign Bruce for the long term. Who else on the team can hit homers like him? The Mets will need to replace his production next season. Good luck with that.

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