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Mets Trade Curtis Granderson to Dodgers

The great Mets selloff continued early Saturday morning when they traded Curtis Granderson to the Dodgers. In return, the Mets get a player to be named later.

“It’s been a great four years here with the Mets organization,” Granderson said. “All these guys have been amazing. … It’s a little bittersweet. But to get an opportunity to play into the postseason is going to be exciting.”

Granderson’ career with the Mets was a mixed bag. He was a key component to the team in their World Series year of 2015, providing a spark as the leadoff batter. But the rest of the time, he was a low average, high strikeout hitter with decent power. Of course, his overwhelmingly positive clubhouse presence was a huge plus that more than made up for his inconsistent play.

So the Mets save a couple of more million dollars that will hopefully go towards next season.

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