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Mets Shouldn’t Bother With Neil Walker

The New York Post reports the Mets are interested in a reunion with Neil Walker. They shouldn’t be.

neil walker
Will Neil Walker be back in Flushing in 2018?

Listen, Walker is a good player. The trade to get him prior to the 2016 season was brilliant — a declining, superfluous Jonathon Niese for a starting second baseman, and at roughly the same salary. Offering him a $17.2 qualifying offer for 2017 was less than brilliant; Walker was just not worth that much money. And he proved it by being injured most of the season before they sent him off to the Brewers.

In fact, Walker missed substantial time with injury is each of his two seasons with the Mets. What makes them think he will suddenly regain his health at age 32?

Another issue — if the Mets do sign Walker, it means Asdrubal Cabrera is your starting third baseman, and do you really think that will result in a championship season? The Mets need another power bat in the infield, whether they go with Dominic Smith at first or go out and get a slugger. That should be at third, which means Cabrera would be the second baseman.

Sandy Alderson is obviously enamored with Walker. He tried to sign him a long-term contract last winter, but talks broke down for one reason or another. Right now, though, the Mets can use some new blood. Neil Walker is fine, but he is not what the Mets need.

2 thoughts on “Mets Shouldn’t Bother With Neil Walker

  • Reese

    You would think given the myriad of injuries that the club faced over the past few years they would run scared from anyone with health question marks, but then they’ve not done too many smart personnel decisions since the Alderson regime began.

  • Mark Berman

    Yeah, they never seem to learn. I think Alderson is more comfortable with players he already knows, often to the detriment of the team.

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