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IBWAA Votes Bonds, Clemens, Jones, Thome, Mussina, Hoffman to Hall of Fame

The Internet Baseball Writers Association of America (IBWAA) on Wednesday announced it has voted Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, Mike Mussina and Trevor Hoffman into the Hall of Fame. Of course, we have no Hall of Fame, so it is largely symbolic. But once again, we are ahead of the curve than those other guys.

Bonds and Clemens will probably not get in when the BBWAA announces its balloting later today. But they will likely both get elected over the next few years, following our lead yet again (Piazza, Bagwell, Biggio, etc.).

I voted for Jones, Thome, Bonds, Clemens and Hoffman. But I did not vote for Mussina, whom I do not feel is a Hall of Famer. I did vote for Billy Wagner, Fred McGriff, Sammy Sosa and Gary Sheffield. I also placed a vote for Johan Santana, knowing full well he would get very few votes. His candidacy, while fringe at best, deserves a full examination that he will never get. I’m actually surprised he got so many votes from our members. He will likely fall off the BBWAA ballot after one try.

Vladimir Guerrero and Edgar Martinez did not appear on our ballot since we elected them last year. Again, ahead of the curve.

Here is the full vote:

Player Name Votes Percentage
Chipper Jones 168 98.82%
Jim Thome 154 90.59%
Mike Mussina 146 85.88%
Roger Clemens 133 78.24%
Barry Bonds 130 76.47%
Trevor Hoffman 128 75.29%
Curt Schilling 116 68.24%
Larry Walker 111 65.29%
Fred McGriff 81 47.65%
Manny Ramirez 76 44.71%
Scott Rolen 76 44.71%
Gary Sheffield 67 39.41%
Jeff Kent 61 35.88%
Andruw Jones 57 33.53%
Billy Wagner 55 32.35%
Omar Vizquel 48 28.24%
Sammy Sosa 47 27.65%
Johan Santana 36 21.18%
Hideki Matsui 8 4.71%
Jamie Moyer 6 3.53%
Chris Carpenter 4 2.35%
Carlos Lee 2 1.18%
Johnny Damon 2 1.18%
Kerry Wood 2 1.18%
Aubrey Huff 1 0.59%
Brad Lidge 1 0.59%
Jason Isringhausen 1 0.59%
Carlos Zambrano 0 0.00%
Kevin Millwood 0 0.00%
Livan Hernandez 0 0.00%
Orlando Hudson 0 0.00%

2 thoughts on “IBWAA Votes Bonds, Clemens, Jones, Thome, Mussina, Hoffman to Hall of Fame

  • LongTimeFan1

    It’s 5:21 -pm. The Announcement doesn’t take place until 6pm, yet here you are with with a headline that strongly suggests the announcement has already been made and even Bonds is in.

    The body of the article is also premature in some places.

  • Mark Berman

    This is the IBWAA vote, not the BBWAA.

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