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Jacob deGrom on 10-Day Disabled List

The Mets injury shenanigans are continuing this season, with the team placing Jacob deGrom on the 10-day disabled list with that hyperextended elbow. This comes a day after Mickey Callaway said deGrom would start on Monday. I thought this nonsense was supposed to be over.

jacob degrom
Jacob deGrom to the DL.

“The more and more we thought about it, we have to make sure that he’s totally fine,” Callaway said. “He feels no pain and he wanted to pitch tomorrow.”

Which probably makes sense. But why the flip-flop? Do the Mets just do not trust their own decision-making? Or is Jacob deGrom hurt worse than originally thought (how often have the Mets played that game in the past?). For his part, deGrom says that is not the case.

“I said I felt like I could go, but I think the bigger picture is what we’re looking at,” deGrom said. “If you go out there and something happens, you end up missing five starts, vs. skipping one and making sure everything is fine. After talking to them, I understand the decision. Erring on the side of caution is what we’re doing.”

All of this comes after Callaway stupidly told the world deGrom would not swing the bat if/when he makes his next start. I’m sure opposing teams were thrilled to learn they could just throw three strikes down the middle for an easy out. So now the Mets get just 24 outs instead of their oppositions’ 27. Good strategy.

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