THE List: Top 10 2018 Mets Moments

For such a terrible year, the Mets certainly gave us plenty of memorable moments. Not all of them were good. I’ll mention the front office change, the Robinson Cano blockbuster and the recent free agent signings here so we can keep things (mostly) on the field this year.

What a Way to Start! — 3/29-4/13/18

The Mets jumped out to an 11-1 start, remember that? We all thought we were World Series bound behind the genius managing of Mickey Callaway. How naive we were.

Bye Bye Matt — 5/8/18

Did anyone think Matt Harvey’s Mets career would end with such a whimper? Well, it did when he was DFAed, then traded to the Reds for a mediocre catcher.

Wait, There’s an Order to This? — 5/9/18

Callaway proved he was no genius when the Mets batted out-of-order. He now calls this the worst day of his life. Later in the season, he would cement his non-genius status by making a pitching change before the other team announced a pinch-hitter. He did this twice. Really.

June Gloom — 6/1-6/30/18

The Mets went 5-21 in the month of June. Their .192 winning percentage was the third-lowest in a calendar month in franchise history.

Gone Fishin’ — 7/25/18

The Mets chance of any kind of comeback was over when Yoenis Cespedes was shut down for the rest of the season. He needed surgery on both feet and we’ll be lucky to see him at all in 2019.

Worst. Loss. Ever. — 7/31/18

The Mets suffered their worst loss in franchise history when the Nationals destroyed them 25-4. Reliever extraordinaire Jose Reyes capped off the night by allowing six runs in the eighth inning.

Best. Win. Ever. — 8/16/18

Well, not really the best, but couple of weeks later they did score a franchise-record 24 runs in a win over the Phillies.

Shades of Castillo — 8/20/18

Amed Rosario and Dominic Smith gave us unwanted memories of Luis Castillo when they botched an easy popup in the 13th inning of a loss against the Giants. And why was Smith in left field, anyway? Oh yeah, genius Callaway.

What a Way to End! — 9/27/18

Jacob deGrom closed out his Cy Young season with eight innings of shutout ball as he earned his whopping 10th win of the season.

Mets Do it Wright — 9/29/18

The Mets and their fans said goodbye to David Wright in style, as his first start in more than two years was also the last game of his career. Sad to see it end this way.

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