Just Say No to Robinson Cano

The Internet is burning up Tuesday with reports the Mets are being “aggressive” in a possible pursuit of steroid-tainted All-Star Robinson Cano. I say it is a very, very bad idea.

robinson cano
Reports say Mets interested in acquiring Robinson Cano.

The reports say the Mets would want the Mariners to pay $50 million of the $120 million Cano is owed over the next five years. They would also have to take Jay Bruce and his $26 million over the next two seasons. Oh, and the Mariners would have to include someone like 24-year-old closer Edwin Diaz, who saved 57 games last season. That’s a lot for the Mariners to give up to get rid of only part of Cano’s contract.

Now to Robinson Cano himself. Let’s put aside the steroids for a moment. He just turned 36 years old, which is the danger zone for a baseball player. Cano has had an incredible career, but is he one of those elite guys who will still be able to perform in his late 30s? Or is he yet another player who falls off the cliff after age 35?

And what kind of player will Cano be without PEDs? We can assume he has used them his entire career. Now he will be asked to play without them. Add in his advanced age (and his expensive contract, even with the Mariners paying part of it) and that is just too big a gamble for the Mets to take.

The Mets need to get younger and stop going after players whose best years are behind them. Robinson Cano is not the answer to the Mets ills. There is just as good a chance he would add to them.

One thought on “Just Say No to Robinson Cano

  • November 27, 2018 at 4:35 pm

    Why would the Wilpons even consider obtaining an old Robinson Cano? Where would he play?
    Might as well sign Jason Bay, Mo Vaughn, Eddie Murray & Robbie Alomar. Cano would be a similar type of signing. I.e., a former great player who is on the downside of their career. Cano would certainly attract the fans (at least at the outset), and the Wilpons can rationalize their aggressive stance. But again, this is a trade which would bring the team down. It’s about cheapness again. Get the Mariners to pay a good portion of Cano’s contact; get them to pay Bruce in full, and enjoy a superb young reliever who is under control (Diaz). It’s all about saving money; not competing.
    The Wilpons know that they need to considerably upgrade their bullpen. But do they want to spend money on RPs like Andrew Miller and Zach Britton? Obtaining Diaz in a deal would preclude some of the cash that the Wilpons would have to shell out!!!

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