Shea in Movies

Shea Stadium in Movies: “Futurama”

Not a movie, but a depiction of Shea Stadium on some sort of celluloid. Shea is featured in an episode of “Futurama.” I don’t watch the show, so here is what Wikipedia has to say:

After Bender destroys nearly all of Central Park while playing with Fry, the military is sent to deal with him. The military is unable to damage Bender with their electric weapons, and Bender continues to wreak havoc upon New New York. To combat Bender, the Professor uses his enlarging-ray on Zoidberg, only to see him wreak havoc as well. Zoidberg is interrupted by Bender who is not pleased with Zoidberg destroying “his” city. The two fight, with their battle causing massive damage. Bender fills Shea Stadium with boiling water and pushes Zoidberg into it.

You’d have to watch the episode to understand what any of this means. But if you are like me and just don’t care, here is the image we do actually care about.

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