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Mets Dump Jason Vargas on Phillies

The Mets somehow found a taker for the terrible Jason Vargas — the Phillies. Good riddance to a bad pitcher.

In return for Vargas, the Mets get a 26-year-old, Double-A catcher named Austin Bossart, who is hitting .195 this season. So a non-prospect. Oh, did I mention he is a former college teammate of Bradley Wilpon? Does that name sound familiar? As Jeff Wilpon’s son. he may be running the Mets someday after many of us are long gone.

The Mets are paying the rest of the tough guy, reporter threatening Vargas’s $8 million salary this year, but the Phillies are on the hook for the $2 million buyout for 2020.

So over the last 24 hours, the Mets, who were supposed to be sellers, have actually improved their rotation. Good work by Brodie Van Wagenen. But let’s see what he does next before heaping too much praise on him!

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