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Mets Odds of Winning World Series

Baseball my be shut down for the foreseeable future because of the dreaded coronavirus, but that does not mean oddsmakers are taking a break from deciding which teams have the best chance of winning the World Series (assuming there is a World Series this year). In fact, if you’re looking into placing a bet, a Betway Review would be a good place to start.

The good folks in currently shuttered Las Vegas have the Mets at 18-1  to win the Fall (Neutral Site Winter?!) Classic. That’s the eighth best odds, which means bookies think the Mets have a chance to be pretty good this season.

The prognosticators slate the Mets to have 87 wins in 2020 — one more than last year. That would place them third in the NL East behind the Atlanta Braves (90 wins) and the Washington Nationals (88.5). Interestingly, though, the Mets have better World Series odds than the defending champion Nats; they stand at 20-1.

So should you risk your hard-earned cash and place a wager on the Mets to parade up the Canyon of Heroes come November? Well, at the start of 2019, the Nationals were the same 18-1 odds to win the World Series. By June, their odds skyrocketed upwards to 55-1. So the Nats literally overcome the odds to win their first championship. So yeah, an 18-1 team can easily win the Series (well, not easily, but you know what I mean).

The Mets and Nationals are very similar teams. Remember, Washington’s bullpen was in shambles in the early part of 2019. Of course, the bullpen was the Mets Achilles’ Heel last season. It is almost the same crew (except for the acquisition of Dellin Betances, who could be the best guy out there if he is healthy). And if Jeurys Familia and Edwin Diaz can right their respective ships, the bullpen can be a strong point in 2020. Combine that with solid starting pitching and timely hitting (which the Nats rode to the title), the Mets could be raising their first championship flag since 1986.

So a bet on the Mets would not be the worst thing you can do (no, the worst thing would be standing within six feet of a stranger, apparently). I remember back in the winter of 2014 I was in Las Vegas and put down $10 on the Mets to win the World Series at 28-1 odds. I forgot all about the ticket until the 2015 postseason. Of course, the Mets ended up losing, but I’d be lying if I didn’t admit it gave me a little bit more of a rooting interest (not that I wasn’t rooting hard for the Mets, anyway). Oh, how that $280 would have changed my life!

By the way, the stupid Yankees and the smart Los Angeles Dodgers tied for the best World Series odds — 3-1. The scandal-plagued Houston Astros are at 8-1 (no odds on how many of their players get beaned in the brain by angry opposing pitchers).

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