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What Does Steve Cohen’s Hiring of Sandy Alderson Mean?

Well, it means Steve Cohen’s first decision as potential Mets owner is terrible! But let’s look at what else it might mean.

First of all, I think it means Cohen is seriously concerned about getting approval from the rest of the owners. Remember, in 2014 his hedge fund was fined a then-record $1.8 billion (it might still be a record; I don’t want to look it up) for insider trading among his employees. And his firm is currently fighting a sexual discrimination lawsuit. So yeah, there are red flags.

Hiring Alderson, the ultimate baseball insider and a favorite among owners and the commissioner’s office, is Cohen’s way of saying, “Hey, I might be sleazy, but I’m hiring one of your guys to run things. So please, please approve me!” Why else would Cohen announce this now except to curry favor among his judge and jury?

I also think it means the end of Brodie Van Wagenen. Cohen now has an experienced hand to guide him through the ownership waters; he doesn’t need Van Wagenen to help him. Unless Alderson is a fan (and there’s no indication he is), then Van Wagenen has made his last lousy Mets trade.

It will also limit whom the Mets hire as Van Wagenen’s replacement. Would a Theo Epstein-caliber GM really come to Flushing, only to have to answer to Alderson?

And finally, it means at least some of the same old, same old from the Wilpon administration will continue on. Alderson was part of that culture for more than seven years. Say what you want about Jeff Wilpon’s meddling, forcing Alderson to perhaps do things he didn’t want to do, but Alderson was the one out there lying to Mets fans time and time again. Was Jeff Wilpon that persuasive, was Alderson so weak that he blindly followed incompetent orders? If that was the case, why do we want this guy back?

Alderson is probably a bright guy who can likely help with the administrative aspects of running a ballclub. But his judgment on choosing players is extremely flawed. Hopefully he will hire a real baseball person and leave those decisions to him (or her. We are equal opportunity here). Otherwise, get ready for more years of losing, regardless of Cohen’s billions.

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  • Cammie

    Why bring that loser back?

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