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Looks Like Old-Timers’ Day is Coming Back to Flushing!

On Sunday incoming Mets owner Steve Cohen went on Twitter and said this:

Well, fans took him up on his offer with thousands of suggestions. He responded to a few (but not mine in which I asked for lower concession prices, noting the Atlanta Falcons reduced prices and made more money). One response lost in the shuffle is that he said Old Timers’ Day would make an apparent return:


So how about that — Cohen isn’t even the official owner and he is making decisions to please fans. I think Joan Payson was the last Mets owner who actually cared enough to go out of her way to please the paying public.

The Mets have not had Old Timers’ Day since the early 90s. The official word from the Mets a decade ago was that “it was particularly unpopular as a promotion.” But an inside source once told me that the Wilpons did not not want to spend the money to fly everybody in, put them up at hotels, etc. Whom do you believe?

But now the penny-pinching days are over. What a time to be a Mets fan!

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