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What Should Mets Do Next?

It was a busy Super Bowl weekend for the Mets — most of it disappointing. First, they lost out on Trevor Bauer and then they signed Albert Almora, Jr. So with Spring Training set to start in less than two weeks, what can the Mets do to address their outstanding needs?

First, let’s talk about Bauer, who is instantly public enemy number one at Citi Field. I’m not sure how I feel about losing him. First of all, I agree that he is making far too much money for who he is. He will pocket $85 million over the next two seasons, then almost certainly opt out of his third year. The Mets offered a similar deal. Despite the overpay and everything else that comes with Bauer, it would have been nice to see him in the orange and blue. He is still one of the better pitchers in baseball. And for those who cry “payroll flexibility,” the Mets have a billionaire owner and there is no salary cap. The luxury tax is a pittance that should not be a factor.

Now to Almora, who is nothing more than a backup outfielder. He is a good field, no hit center fielder whose only role should be to spell Brandon Nimmo late in games to protect leads. If that is how he is used, then this was a decent signing that really will not make much of a difference. If he starts a lot of games, then this is very, very bad (think Andres Torres).

But enough looking back — let’s look ahead. The Mets would still like to upgrade in center, the rotation and possible third base. Jackie Bradley, Jr. is still out there but he is not really the answer. If the Mets can get him on a cheap, one-year deal, then sure, go for it. But he is not worth the three-year, $45 million he is reportedly seeking. In reality, expect to see Nimmo miscast as a center fielder. George Springer really was the one player the Mets needed, wasn’t he?

I am not excited about the starting pitching options being mentioned. Jake Odorizzi? James Paxton? 74-year-old Rich Hill? They all sound like Rick Porcello/Michael Wacha to me. So don’t expect anything significant there, either.

Now to third base, where there is an exciting option out there. The Cubs are reportedly looking to move Kris Bryant in his final year before free agency. They would also like to shed the nearly $20 million he is owed. I’m not sure what it would take to get him, but this could salvage the Mets off-season (I will have a final analysis of the front office performance when it appears it is done making moves). He could be the missing link that gets the Mets over the hump.

Will it happen? I don’t know. But the Mets need one more deal to head into the season confident they are contenders, not pretenders.

5 thoughts on “What Should Mets Do Next?

  • find a power hitting right handed, good defensive center fielder…..oh wait

  • That ship sailed. Go with Nimmo put Almora n late and go get BRYANT from Cubs

  • 1 more RP and then lets get to St Lucie and see if a difference maker becomes available once things sort out. Stay calm and be smart.

  • Pdavillian

    Y we not signing
    I would sign him two years than trade for veteran righty third baseman I would prefer the one from Seattle but my guy in left or right line up 1 lf Ninmmo 23b 3 Neil 2b 4lindor ss 5confonto61cf 6 polar bear 1b 7 Seager 3b 8 Jacob degorm sp 9 my guy rf woo I traded smith kept jd he now he first t back up at third in first in right n left field I lik his bat in I like to have theft on bench Conforto cf cuz we gone pay him
    My suggestion 10 years 250 million it some bonus make it 265 Lindor 10 300 u good but I seen people struggle first couple in queens in u not better than San Diego third baseman so over 300 no is he better tho I can’t wait to see
    All I’m saying push now we trying win a chip scary talent Right here image now he put it together all together with this team in this line up oh ps I bat seagur later in order cuz he a vet but my 5 six n 7 hitters should hit 0ver 100 home runs good on base lotta ex base hits in good ba I put catcher hit early put him in the action he pose to be good right give him chance to shine he lock up for a few than we find pitching help should kept zack wheeler for wat we paying number 3 starter Stroman he gotta show me something I really like zack other story tho

    image entity

  • Pdavillian

    2 in line up in catching James McCann we be a Justin verlander trade away from two chips 5 years if everyone performs only reason I didn’t trade jd for Bryant not trying to resign him lindor n Conforto at end of year paying my guy Mike n Lindor dey say franchise changing guy but if I new I could have all three woo I would take it 💨💨💨 in tell yanks come on in I let smith go to give polar bear some confidence kid could be all time hr hitter for Mets I believe
    Now tell me y I’m wrong

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