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Zack Scott Busted for DWI; Sandy Alderson’s Got to Go

In the wake of yet another embarrassing episode involving one of Sandy Alderson’s hires, it has to be clear to everyone — including Steve Cohen, the only one who matters — that Alderson cannot be associated with the Mets any longer.

To recap, acting GM Zack Scott was busted for DWI, apparently asleep in his car, drunk, at 4am in White Plains. The Mets releasing this statement:

We were surprised and deeply disappointed to learn this morning about an alleged DUI involving Zack Scott. We take this matter very seriously. Zack will not be traveling with the team for our upcoming road trip while we learn more and determine next steps.

To make matters even more embarrassing, Scott was apparently at a party at Steve Cohen’s Connecticut home earlier in the evening. It’s not clear if Scott got loaded at the party or went somewhere afterwards, but it is just another element that makes this sad state of affairs comical.

Back to Alderson — the “baseball maverick” who was supposed to put these types of Wilponsian blunders in the past. Of course, that was impossible because Alderson was the steward for much of that dysfunction. Who really thought it would change? Cohen, apparently.

This is just a long line of Alderson hires that went South. Jared Porter lasted a minute as Mets GM before we realized he was something of a sexual predator. We learned after the fact that Mickey Callaway was a sleaze. And don’t forget the under-the-radar rehiring this past offseason of David Newman, the marketing chief who apparently sexually harassed female employees in his first go-round with the team, only to be given another chance by Alderson. Alderson reportedly shrugged off the concerns of many women around the Mets, saying he told Newman to “knock it off.” Thanks, boss.

Alderson just cannot survive in Flushing anymore. How much more evidence does Cohen need that not only can’t Alderson judge baseball talent, he cannot judge the character of his front office hires?

These incidents will continue to happen as long as Alderson is running the show. Time to put an end to this, sooner rather than later.

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