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Reports: Mets Sign Max Scherzer!

Well, who saw this coming a month ago?! According to multiple reports Monday, the Mets have agreed to a monster contract with Max Scherzer — three years, $130 million. The $43.33 million per season is the highest average yearly salary in baseball history. ESPN is reporting Scherzer can opt out after the second year.

With Scherzer and Jacob deGrom at the top of the rotation, the Mets have a one-two punch (or one and 1a) that no team in the league can approach. It would make the team a force to be reckoned with in a postseason series, if the Mets can get that far.

Of course, this signing does come with risks. Despite being his usual dominant self in 2021, Scherzer does turn 38 in July. He is bound to slow down sometime, but the Mets are hoping that happens in three years instead of now. Given his track record, I tend to agree. He probably won’t be the workhorse he was five years ago, but I expect Scherzer to continue to perform like an ace.

This spending spree has proved me wrong. I didn’t think the Mets had it in them to spend for players like Scherzer and Starling Marte (the Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha contracts were their usual MO). But I was wrong, and I am thrilled to admit it.

So Mets fans are happy today — it’s been a while!

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