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2024 Predictions: What to Make of the Mets?

I have been spending all winter trying to figure out this Mets team (my wife and daughter were not happy with my lack of attention to them). And all these months later, I still am at a loss with this team.

On one hand, they appear worse than the 2023 version that lost 87 games. On the other hand, they are not much different than the team that won 101 games a year earlier. So what will we get this season?

Let’s start with the pitching. Kodai Senga was a revelation last season, but he starts out the year on the injured list. Plus, how will he hold up as the presumed ace of the squad without Max Scherzer and Justin Verlander ahead of him? And now that the league is familiar with him, some regression is likely. The question is, how much? After Senga comes Luis Severino, Sean Manea, Adrian Houser, Tyler Megill and Jose Quintana. The ceiling is high, but the floor could be really, really low. We’re talking sub-basement here. The team’s fortunes could rest on a rotation that does not scare anyone on paper. Good thing they play these games on the field.

Edwin Diaz is back in the closer role, so that’s good. But just like every year, the bullpen is a crapshoot. Who knows what to expect from the Mets group. But they’d better be good because of the question marks in the rotation.

Speaking of question marks, let’s talk about the lineup. Pete Alonso, Francisco Lindor, Brandon Nimmo, Jeff McNeil and Francisco Alvarez should all be good this year. And J.D. Martinez was a solid signing. But then we have two-thirds of the outfield and third base. Starling Marte might be done, but he might not be. Who knows? Harrison Bader and Tyrone Taylor are redundant pieces — good field, no hit. Why did they need both?

Now to Brett Baty, who could be the key to the season. If he can hit, he is another threat that lengthens a lineup with at least three gaping holes in it. If he doesn’t, well, he is one of the three holes.

The bench is lacking in offense. Zack Short and Joey Wendle are two more good fielders who can’t hit. DJ Stewart could be a weapon off the bench.

So where does this leave us? Suspect pitching and a Swiss cheese lineup (holes, get it?!). However, if everything clicks (and that is a definite possibility), there is no reason the Mets cannot compete for one of the three Wild Cards. So let’s be optimistic and pencil the Mets in as the third Wild Card. It’s no parade up Broadway, but it’s a start.

As far as the rest of the National League, I predict the stupid Braves, Reds and Dodgers win their respective divisions. Joining the Mets as Wild Cards are the stupid Phillies and Diamondbacks.

Over in the American League, let’s have the Rays, Royals and Astros and division winners, with the stupid Yankees, Orioles and Mariners as Wild Cards.

And which are the last two teams standing? I don’t know — Dodgers and Orioles (or Rays)? Either way, the Dodgers will be your 2024 World Series champions.

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