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Yankees Lose!!!

APTOPIX ALCS Yankees Rangers BaseballSince Mets fans have nothing to root for anymore, all we can do is root against our arch enemies. First the Braves fell in the playoffs, and Friday night we got our biggest prize — the Yankees are done.

The Texas Rangers whipped the Yankees 6-1 in Game 6 of the ALCS to reach their first World Series ever. But more importantly, it means the Yankees will not win the Series. I don’t know about you, but watching the Yankees fail year after year (except last season, of course) to win the World Series while spending $200 million on payroll is extremely pleasurable. That doesn’t make me a bad person, does it?

Ah, maybe it does. Who cares? While it is not as good as watching the Mets win, watching the Yankees lose is a pretty good consolation prize. We got both on the same day in 2006 — I watched the Yankees lose the ALDS to the Tigers on the big screen at Dodger Stadium prior to Game 3 of the Mets-Dodgers NLDS. Then I watched in person as the Mets beat the Dodgers to win that series. We’ll forget what happened in the NLCS.

Anyway, the Yankees are going home, and we are happy. Hopefully we can complete the hat trick with the Giants beating the Phillies this weekend. It would be our dream come true. Boy, we Mets fans are sad folks.

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