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Yea! No More Sean Green

metsSandy Alderson didn’t listen to the pleas of Mets fans when he picked a new manager, but he listened to fans (well, me, at least) and decided not to offer arbitration to Sean Green. This means we will not have to suffer through watching him pitch next year — unless another team signs him and the Mets shell him when he faces them.

The Mets didn’t tender John Maine, either, which was expected. But in a surprising move, the Mets didn’t offer a contract to Chris Carter. It’s an odd move for two reasons — as Mets Blogpoints out, Carter wasn’t even eligible for arbitration, so the Mets could have resigned him to a reasonable contract. And second, he was pretty good coming off the bench for the Mets in 2010. I’d like to hear Alderson’s explanation for this.


Francisco Rodriguez is expected to plead guilty on Friday to assaulting his girlfriend’s father at Citi Field in August. He will avoid prison time under terms of the plea bargain, but will have to attend anger management classes. Let’s hope K-Rod can put all of this behind him and have a successful 2011. He’ll have to be at the top of his game if the Mets have any hopes of contending.

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