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“Citi Field is a Damn Joke”

…So proclaimed Jeff Francoeur. It is a bit of a stretch for Francoeur to blame anything but his own lack of pitch selection for his poor hitting, but he happens to be right about Citi Field. But there could be relief on the way.

That relief will not come this season. But Sandy Alderson has said that he prefers hitters parks. My guess is that he will see how the field plays this season and decide to reduce the stadium’s large dimensions.

citi field

As I’ve written in the past, the Mets should either move home plate up or move the fences in. I believe moving home plate up would require less construction, so that seems easier and cheaper. It would also provide for a little more foul territory behind home plate and down the lines, which wouldn’t be a bad thing.

That idiotic left field wall should be lowered and reduced to eight feet, matching the rest of the park. As far as that screwy right field, I hope they will just straighten out the wall and get rid of the “quirks” that somebody thought was a good idea.

While changes will certainly benefit the hitters, I don’t think Alderson will alter the park so it becomes a bandbox like Citizens Bank Park. These changes will make it fair, like Shea Stadium used to be.

2 thoughts on ““Citi Field is a Damn Joke”

  • Excellent points. As well as lowering the left field wall, which will make it a more fair homerun, how about lowering ticket prices?

    By the way, I refuse to attend a game as long as the El Stinko brothers – Luis and Ollie are on the roster.

  • terry p

    Finally, someone other than me that isn’t afraid to tell it like it is. This field is a joke plain and simple ever since it opened it has ruined the best hitters in the game, makes them look like no muscle chumps. If the players were eating PED’s then leave it, but in this day and age just make the dimensions like it was at Shea. Leave home plate where it is and bring in the walls and make them level so we can see some over the wall catches. Also with the walls forward you can put some new seating in.

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