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Get Michael Young!

Back on December 13th, I wrote a column on the speculation that the Rangers might sign Adrian Beltre and might look to trade Michael Young. I said if that happens, the Mets should try to get him and plant him at second base. Well, it has happened, and I am here to say again that the Mets should get him.

I proposed sending Carlos Beltran and Luis Castillo to the Rangers for Young, who is due $48 million over the next three years. With those two players owed $24.5 million in the last years of their deals, the trade would save the Rangers (and cost the Mets) $23.5 million. I stick by that deal.

Yankees Rangers BaseballThe New York Post’s Joel Sherman, who usually writes good, insightful stuff, on Wednesday proposed what I think is a ludicrous trade — send Jason Bay to the Rangers for Young. Then he writes that the Mets shouldn’t even keep Young — rather, he should be flipped for prospects.

There are so many problems with Sherman’s idea. First off, what makes Sherman thinks it would be so easy to flip Young, especially when it appears the Rangers are having problems dealing him?

But more importantly, why is Sherman giving up on Bay? The Mets will need him over the next three years to be the power in the middle of the lineup if they have any hopes of contending. Unless the Mets think six home runs is the new normal for Bay, it would be crazy to trade him. And I don’t think anybody believes that.

It is interesting that Sherman rationalizes the trade by saying the Rangers are still looking for a DH-type, yet never mentions the possibility of Beltran, whose knees could benefit from a few days out of the outfield. He would also be cheaper in the long run. Maybe Sherman just hates Bay!

This could all be moot because Young has a limited no-trade clause under which he can name eight teams to which he would accept a trade. The Mets are not on that list. The Yankees are, which means while he is not adverse to playing in New York, he is against playing in Queens.

As far as changing his list, Young told ESPN, “As of right now, no. But I think those things are handled on a case-by-case basis. Those are things my family and I would talk about and see what’s ultimately the best fit for us.”


METS PACK FOR FLORIDAAlways a welcome sign — Mr. Met carrying bags of baseball equipment out of the Mets clubhouse the dead of winter. It can only mean one thing — spring training is near. Indeed it is.

It should be an interesting camp. Some questions:

— How will the rotation shake out?
— Who’s on second? (no, who’s on first, what’s on second!)
— Who will comprise the bullpen?
— Beltran or Pagan in center?
— Will Oliver Perez and/or Luis Castillo show anything to warrant them returning North with the team?

Not to mention the whole Madoff nonsense. The team may not always win, but it is never boring being a Mets fan.

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