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How About that Mike Pelfrey!

Is Mike Pelfrey finally on track? He pitched his best game of the year in Thursday afternoon’s matinee against the Giants, going 7.2 innings allowing just one earned run in a 5-2 Mets win. It appears he is over that stomach virus that plagued him during his last two starts. The ace-less Mets need Pelfrey to step up, and on this day, at least, he did.


CORRECTION Giants Mets BaseballAnd how about that Carlos Beltran? He is looking really good at the plate, hitting his fifth homer of the season on Thursday (left). He is hitting .292, and with each passing game he appears more and more injury free. It would be great if he can stay healthy and the Mets can get a couple of prospects for him, not to mention much needed savings for at least half of the season — that could amount to upwards of $10 million, depending on how much salary the Mets decide to eat.


In case you missed on on Wednesday, the Mets placed Pedro Beato on the DL with elbow tendinitis. This came completely out of the blue. He’s looked good all season long, not allowing an earned run in 17 innings. Let’s hope Beato comes back strong and doesn’t become the next Duaner Sanchez. Man, has a minor car accident ever had such an effect on a sports team?

One thought on “How About that Mike Pelfrey!

  • No the accident didn’t, but the Mets panic reaction to it did! First time I ever saw a major league team trade a starting right fielder (Xavier Nady) who was having a fine season, for a middle reliever! Duaner was a good pitcher but that trade ranks up there as one of the worst Met deals ever!

    The Mets got Roberto Hernandez, Ollie and the rest is history!

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