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Gee Whiz, or Golly Gee

Take your pick — I couldn’t decide. Dillon Gee is now 7-0 after the Mets trounced the Pirates 8-1 Friday night. Gee went eight innings, allowing one run, striking out five and walking zero batters.

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Gee is making a serious case for Rookie-of-the-Year. His seven wins lead all rookie pitchers. He is one inning shy of qualifying for the ERA title. His 3.05 ERA would be 11th — not just rookies, but all pitchers. Not bad for a guy who started the season in Triple-A.


reyesSpeaking of post-season awards, Jose Reyes has to be part of the early discussion for MVP. After his hitting streak was snapped at 12 games on Thursday, Reyes was back on the horse Friday. He went three-for-five, including his second home run of the year.

If the Mets are not contenders, Reyes will have to have some very huge numbers to win the MVP award. He would have to lead the league in hits with 220+ and would have to lead in hitting with at least .350. Add in 50 doubles, 25 triples and 70 stolen bases, and that should do the trick. With the way Reyes is going, is there anyone out there who doesn’t think he can do it?

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