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Rangers “Interested” in Beltran, K-Rod?

You’ve got to love the media in the 21st century. One sportswriter can send a simple tweet and people go nuts. The latest example of this happened Monday afternoon when Sports Illustrated‘s Jon Heyman tweeted that the Rangers could be “interested” in trading for Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez.

Remember the good old days when a reporter would investigate a story, then print a nice big write-up in a newspaper the following day? Well, those days are over. In 140 (or fewer) characters, Heyman created a story that was likely generated by an off-hand conversation he had with someone. No need to look into it further — not in this day and age.

Having said all of that, I hope this is true. I would make this trade tomorrow, regardless of where the Mets stand in the playoff hunt. They would get a few prospects and save a bunch of money — two positives as the Mets move into the future.

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