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Rangers “Not Interested” in Beltran, K-Rod

If only Jon Heyman had only bothered to pick up a phone…

Well, that was quick. A day after Heyman’s tweet that the Rangers were “interested” in trading for Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez, Rangers president Nolan Ryan said he is “not interested.”

deal“I can’t believe that we have an interest in either,” Ryan told ESPN Radio in Dallas on Tuesday.

Ryan based his opinion on K-Rod after watching him allow the Rangers to get back into Sunday’s blowout by giving up two runs in the ninth inning.

“I go by what I saw from K-Rod and I don’t see that’s an upgrade,” Ryan said.

As far as Beltran, he said there is the injury problem. However, Beltran has actually been surprisingly healthy all season, thus far at least.

“And Beltran, you worry about his knee. And you’re taking on an awful lot of salary. With his history with the Mets he’s had so many medical problems and played so little at times, it’s just a real risky situation.”

Perhaps this is just posturing on Ryan’s part to lower the Mets asking price. Or perhaps Heyman should call someone whose opinions matter in issues like this, instead of the low-level club official or some other nobody who likely gave Heyman the “information.”

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