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Mike Pelfrey a Closer? Oh, Mets Lose

The Phillies blew away the Mets 10-0 Monday night.

But anyway, how about that report about Mike Pelfrey possibly being the Mets closer next season? Sources tell the Daily News that Terry Collins asked Pelfrey, “Would you be willing to be the closer next season?”

His reported response? “Absolutely.”

090609mets16nmHowever, the report says this was all Collins’s idea and that GM Sandy Alderson is dead set against it, so it will likely not happen. It’s too bad, because it’s worth a shot.

First off, I would prefer Pelfrey not be on the team at all next season. He has proven to be an unreliable starter. I’m not sure he would make it as a closer either, though. He is not a hard-throwing strikeout pitcher, which is a prerequisite for most closers. Also, I don’t think he has the mental toughness to be in such pressure situations night after night.

But if he’s going to be on the team, why not get creative with him? Do we really need yet another 8-14, 4.50 ERA season from him as a starter?

Writing for the News, Andy Martino apparently doesn’t think it is a good idea either:

The team needs pitching, and Pelfrey has long established an ability to remain on the field and overcome injuries…  His ability to contribute innings carries significant value.

In other words, he is an “innings eater.” Many in baseball seem obsessed with such pitchers, but I ask the simple question, If the innings being eaten are mediocre, what’s the use?

It is time to either cut ties with Pelfrey, who will likely command upwards of $6 million next season, or try something different with him.

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  • i’m not against him as a closer because he is a sinker baller, so lack of strikeouts aren’t a big deal. i’m more concerned with why pelfrey can’t seem to get outs though. he pitches in a great park for pitchers but he just can’t ever find it

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