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Mets Take 4-of-5 from Marlins

The Mets beat the Marlins 7-5 on Thursday to take four of the five games in the series. Once again, the Marlins simply awful defense helped pave the way for the Mets victory.

The winning pitcher was 40-year-old Miguel Batista, making his debut with the Mets (below). He went six innings allowing two runs for the 100th victory of his career.


The Marlins committed three errors, but there were several other misplays by their headshakingly pitiful defense.

The shoddy defense helped the Mets score three runs in the eighth to pad their lead to 7-2. Good thing because for some reason Terry Collins called on D.J. Carrasco to finish off the game. Why didn’t he just bring in a wheelchair-bound, mentally impaired no armed man? Carrasco allowed two runs, leaving with two outs and a man on base. Bobby Parnell came on for the easy save, except it wasn’t easy. He allowed a double to make it 7-5, but then was able to get potential tying run Greg Dobbs to pop out to second.

Carrasco and his 5.44 ERA should be sent packing. Oh wait, he signed a two-year contract in the off-season. What was Sandy Alderson thinking with that one?

Anyway, the Mets are now three games under .500 after celebrating Thursday’s victory (below) and head to Washington for a three-game series. They can easily emerge from the weekend as a .500 team. That would be nice.


2 thoughts on “Mets Take 4-of-5 from Marlins

  • my one problem with this game is why did miguel batista start it? shouldn’t they be giving they’re younger guys a chance? i know it could hurt their self esteem, but that’s why you make it clear “hey we’re just seeing where you stand right now, don’t feel discouraged if it isn’t great, it’s your first start.” bautista isn’t a part of the future (hopefully) so what’s he doing here?

  • Mark Berman

    You know Tom, I was thinking the same thing. No disrespect to Bautista, but he will not be starting for the Mets in 2012 — why not take a look at some young guys who might? This just might be an indication that the Mets farm system, while having promising young starters in the low minors, does not have any major league-ready starters.

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