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2012 with Reyes, Another Ace & New Outfielder

metsWith a month left to go in the season, it is not too early to start thinking about 2012, Sandy Alderson already is, suggesting earlier this week that the payroll could be between $100  million and $110 million. That’s a far cry from the $140 million this season, but with the useless contracts of Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo (not to mention Carlos Beltran and Francisco Rodriguez) coming off the books, Alderson can make better use of the Wilpons’s money.

I recently wrote that the Mets need another ace; here’s how they can afford one, as well as resign Jose Reyes and get a new outfielder and stay within Alderson’s parameters.

Johan Santana — $24 million (actual)
R.A. Dickey — $4.75 million (actual)
Jonathon Niese — $1 million
Dillon Gee — $500,000
New ace — $10 million

D.J. Carrasco — $1.2 million (actual)
Bobby Parnell — $1 million
Pedro Beato — $500,000
4 relievers — $2 million

Josh Thole — $1 million
Ronny Paulino — $2 million

David Wright — $15.250 million (actual)
Jose Reyes — $17 million
Ike Davis — $1 million
Daniel Murphy — $1 million
Justin Turner — $500,000
Ruben Tejada — $500,000

Jason Bay — $18.130 million (actual)
Lucas Duda — $500,000
Jason Pridie — $500,000
Nick Evans — $500,000
New outfielder — $5 million

$63,330,000 (actual)
$32,000,000 (Reyes, pitcher, outfielder)
$12,500,000 (rest of team)

Total: $107,830,000

Under this plan the backups and most of the bullpen will be young players making near the minimum. It’s the only way to make this work.

Lucas Duda emerging as a a possible starter in right field is huge — the Mets can insert him there near the minimum and pursue another outfielder.

Notice Mike Pelfrey and Angel Pagan are not part of my roster. Together they would likely cost around $11 million in 2012. I think the Mets are better off spending $15 million and getting far better players.

In any case, the Mets can have a very competitive team next season, keep Reyes, upgrade the rotation and outfield (and NOT trade David Wright) and still have a reasonable payroll.

One thought on “2012 with Reyes, Another Ace & New Outfielder

  • i think you may have underexaggerated some of the contracts, but overall i don’t see why the mets can’t think this creatively. It’s pretty sad how the mets just can’t figure things out. hopefully alderson can finally move forward with the omar minaya stage almost completely behind us now

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