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Did Keith Hernandez Call Mets Chokers?

Keith Hernandez made a very interesting and possibly revealing comment during Monday night’s game with the Marlins. He and Gary Cohen were discussing Jose Reyes, how in previous seasons he got tired late in the season and his production fell. Cohen said it happened in 2007 and 2008.

MetsHernandez responded, “The whole team got the olive stuck in their throats.”

Cohen was silent — the silence lasted for several seconds. Did Hernandez just call the Mets chokers? It certainly seemed that way.

It was also warranted. They did choke! I never understood the outrage following that infamous Cole Hamels interview when he agreed that the Mets choked. They blew big leads — it’s the textbook definition of choking.

Hernandez likely won’t catch any flack for his comment because it is pretty much ancient history by now. He probably would have gotten into plenty of trouble had he said it a couple of years ago, regardless of how true the statement was.

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