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Can Season End Soon Enough?

As I was watching the Mets lose their fourth straight game Tuesday night, I was thinking that this season cannot end soon enough. They are playing terribly, losing to the Cubs and the Nationals, crummy teams both. And at home, no less.

But then I got to thinking about how sad I feel when the last out of the season is made, how I miss the games when 4pm Pacific time rolls around and I am watching syndicated sitcoms instead of Mets baseball. So I don’t know about anybody else, but I am going to savor these final two weeks of the season, trying to find positives.

I’ll watch as Jose Reyes attempts to become the first Met to ever lead the league in batting. Reyes had three hits on Tuesday to raise his average to .333, four points higher than Ryan Braun. I’ll try not to think that these could be his last games in a Mets uniform.


I’ll watch Lucas Duda continue to grow as a major league hitter and look for little things to show that he is getting better as a right fielder, enough that he will not be a terrible liability out there next season.

I’ll watch Dillon Gee get back to his early-season form that helped him go 7-0. He’s been looking better in his past two starts, including Tuesday.

It’ll also be fun to watch if anyone can overtake the departed Carlos Beltran as the team leader in home runs and RBIs. Amazingly, he still leads with 15 and 66 respectively. David Wright and Jason Bay each have 12 homers. As far as RBIs, Bay has 56, Angel Pagan 55 and David Wright 52. My prediction — Wright will get to 15 homers,  but everyone will fall short in the RBI department.

So let’s all watch the remaining games and enjoy. Don’t forget, it’ll be six months before we get to see them again.

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