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Spoiler Role Suits Mets

The Mets certainly are not going to make the playoffs this season, but they are playing a role in deciding who does. They took two out of three from the Braves over the weekend as Atlanta fights to stop a collapse of Metsian proportions. As recently as September 5 they had an eight and a half game lead in the Wild Card chase.

spoiler-alert1Now, following that series with the Mets and a loss Monday to the Marlins, the Braves are holding onto a slim two and a half game lead over the Cardinals. And where do the Mets head next? To St. Looie, of course!

It would be really nice to see the hated Braves fall out of the playoffs, but it would also be nice to see the Mets go in and ruin the Cardinals chances as well. After all, they were a hated division rival once upon a time, and they did knock the Mets out of the playoffs in 2006. That was supposed to be the Mets year!

In a perfect world, the Mets would sweep the Cardinals and the Braves would keep losing, allowing the Giants, now three and a half back, to sneak in.

That would also be a worst-case scenario for the Phillies. They would then have to play the Wild Card champion Giants in the first round of the playoffs. The last thing the Phillies want is to have to face Tim Lincecum and his mound pals in a short series.

This could all work out really well for us Mets fans!

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