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Red Sox Actually Want Chris Capuano!

A strange story out of Boston on Thursday — the Red Sox were trying to acquire Chris Capuano as they stumble towards the end of the season trying to hold onto the Wild Card.

The Boston Herald reports that the Red Sox “have spent the better part of a week” trying to pry Capuano loose from the Mets, even if it meant Capuano would only make one start for the Sox.

It writes:

Capuano would not be eligible for the postseason with the Red Sox, but he’d be able to help them over the final week of the regular season as they struggle to get quality starts out of a rotation that’s as big a culprit as any for the team’s 5-16 slide in September.

But Sandy Alderson turned down the deal, which likely would have been for cash. Instead, Alderson has said recently that he is considering resigning Capuano for 2012. Turning down whatever this deal was is a clear indication that Capuano will likely be in the rotation in 2012.



Capuano showed once again on Thursday (above) that he is nothing but mediocre. He lasted just 4.2 innings against the Cardinals, allowing  four runs on eight hits. He avoided a loss when the Mets made a stirring six-run comeback in the ninth inning to win 8-6 and avoid a sweep of the series.

Capuano’s ERA stands at 4.55, good for sixth worst among qualifying pitchers in the National League. Incidentally, he is one spot better than Mets mound pal Mike Pelfrey.

It is clear the Mets need help in the rotation. Resigning Capuano (and keeping Pelfrey) for 2012 is not the kind of help the Mets need.

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