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Mets & World Series: 4 Not Too Bad

As we continue to justify another Fall Classic without the Mets, I decided to take a look at the World Series appearances of every team in the league since 1969 to determine just how bad us Mets fans have had it. I chose 1969 not because it was the first Mets World Series appearance; rather, it was the beginning of division play where a team had to win a League Championship Series to advance to the World Series. Here are the results:

Yankees: 11
A’s: 6
Cardinals: 6
Braves: 5
Dodgers: 5
Orioles: 5
Phillies: 5
Reds: 5
Red Sox: 4
Giants: 3
Blue Jays: 2
Indians: 2
Marlins: 2
Padres: 2
Pirates: 2
Rangers: 2
Royals: 2
Tigers: 2
Twins: 2
Angels: 1
Astros: 1
Brewers: 1
Diamondbacks: 1
Rays: 1
Rockies: 1
White Sox: 1
Cubs: 0
Expos/Nationals 0
Mariners: 0

When you look at it this way, the Mets haven’t done so badly — only eight teams have appeared in more World Series than the Mets. That means the majority of baseball fans have suffered far more than we have. Sure, this is a lame justification for mediocrity, but that’s all we’ve got.

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