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David Wright is Not Going Anywhere, Unless…

There has been a lot written lately about whether the Mets will trade David Wright this off-season. I say he is not going anywhere, unless…

Unless Jose Reyes signs elsewhere.

The conventional wisdom is that if the Mets re-sign Reyes they might trade Wright in order to save money. I think just the opposite will happen. If the Mets re-sign Reyes they will keep Wright in an effort to win. If Reyes goes, the Mets could go into full rebuilding mode and trade Wright.


Regardless of what happens with Reyes, I don’t think the Mets will trade Wright. They really can’t go into full rebuilding mode because the fans will stop coming to games, and that will hit the Mets where they can least afford it — the bottom line. Any money saved in payroll would be lost to an empty stadium.

Also, Sandy Alderson is very attuned to fan sentiment. He knows Reyes and Wright are the most popular players on the team. That’s why he will go to great lengths to sign Reyes and keep Wright. Of course those moves are also good baseball decisions — Reyes and Wright are pretty good players.

One thought on “David Wright is Not Going Anywhere, Unless…

  • i like david wright, and i always have. but i don’t think he should be hitting 3 or 4. he should be hitting 5 protecting the mets clean up hitter, but the mets don’t really have one unless duda can emerge. but that also leaves them without a 3 hitter unless murphy can keep filling in. but that’s too many if’s; the mets need a big hitter. and at least one more starter (not to mention the bullpen)

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