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Best. News. Ever. Chris Capuano Gone for Good with Mets?

As we live and die with each Jose Reyes rumor (his signing with the Marlins is  a “done deal,” no wait it isn’t, yes it is!) here is one rumor we can revel in — it appears the relationship between the New York Mets and Chris Capuano is over.

Jon Heyman wrote on


The Mets have crossed Chris Capuano off their list as he seeks a two-year deal following a very nice season in New York.

I take umbrage with that “very nice season” part, but it is nice to know that we won’t have to see Capuano losing games in the sixth inning anymore. And what’s with all the praise being heaped on Capuano following a season in which he posted an 11-12 record with a 4.55 ERA? Yes, it was impressive that he was able to stay healthy and throw 186 innings. But many, many of those innings were vomit-inducing. I guess the bar has certainly been lowered for what passes as “very nice” these days.

Heyman did have some bad news in his column, though:

041010mets38nmSome have speculated that the Mets will non-tender Angel Pagan, but it appears they do plan to present him with a contract. They like him and see potential.

I pray that I am wrong, but I fully expect to see Pagan in a Mets uniform in 2012, so I don’t doubt this rumor. However I question what Heyman truly knows because of the second sentence in that item. By most accounts the front office grew increasingly disgusted with Pagan — both his off-the-field attitude and his on-the-field performance. If that is indeed true and the Mets still tender him, then that goes a long way in telling how this franchise is being operated.

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