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Start Printing Playoff Tickets — Mets Sign Ronny Cedeno

Well, the final piece of the 2012 Mets puzzle is in place. Don’t make any plans for October; we will be watching Mets playoff baseball because the team has reportedly signed slugging backup infielder Ronny Cedeno.

I’ll give you a moment to catch your breath.

Yes, Ronny Cedeno, owner of a .246 career batting average, who has walked 115 times in his career and struck out 457 times, making his on base percentage a hefty .286. But don’t worry, those poor numbers come with incredible power — a stunning 33 home runs in seven major league seasons.

Following a strikeout, probably

Cedeno spent the past two and a half seasons in Pittsburgh before being cut loose after last season. Let’s make this clear — this guy was not good enough to play anymore for the Pirates. The Pirates!

Did I mention the Mets are reportedly paying him $1.2 million, plus incentives? Those incentives likely include hitting his weight (190).

Another gangbuster signing by savior GM Sandy Alderson to go along with his brilliant, forward-thinking $1.1 million deal for all-world backup outfielder Scott Hairston. I understand you have to fill out the bench, but how about going with younger, hungrier and cheaper players instead of these relatively expensive retreads? Alderson is making Mets fans long for the days of Omar Minaya. Who would have thought that could possibly happen?

4 thoughts on “Start Printing Playoff Tickets — Mets Sign Ronny Cedeno

  • the one problem i would have with filling the bench with young guys is that it’s tough to keep young guys in the majors if they aren’t playing because then they won’t develop properly. but as you said, they would be a lot hungrier as they’d have a lot to play for. overall, 2.3 million is too much for these two

  • Mark Berman

    True about the young players. But the bench is an area where the Mets could have been cheap and no one would have cared. Alderson’s spending of a limited budget this off season has just been puzzling.

  • Mets are likely to hit attendance lows after the opening day.. Mets have several problems in so many areas.Wilpon needs to sell the team it is in aweful shape. Really the Mets are probably shooting for 2012-2013. The only shot of even getting a 500 record is if Ike Davis is 100% and becomes the power hitter he is capable of.

  • They only picked him up because they had extra Roger Cedeno unis. Just watch – he will be #19

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