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No Disabled List for David Wright

Excellent news for the Mets and their fans Saturday — David Wright will not go on the disabled list, and will even be in the lineup for the game against the Phillies.

wright“He just hit. The swelling is down,” Terry Collins said. “The grip’s good. The strength’s good. He just took probably, I don’t know, 20 tosses and took some batting practice in the cage and looked great, so we’ll put him in there today.”

Collins had said that if Wright were unable to hit on Saturday, he would be placed on the DL. But fortunately that will not be necessary.

The Mets were 1-2 with Wright on the bench, and the lineup has a tremendous hole without him. Justin Turner was hitting third in Wright’s place Friday night. Now, Turner is a fine hitter, but he is not a number three, traditionally the spot where the best hitter on the team goes.

Collins said Wright’s return will have further, positive implications.

“I think it’s going to be huge for us,” Collins said. “When you see this guy who is going out there — the face of this team and the face of this organization — playing with a broken finger, the hamstrings may not be as tight. I’m serious. I don’t mean to make a joke about it. If you’re a guy on this team and you’re saying, ‘Well, I’ve got a star on this team that’s playing with a broken finger, I’ve certainly got a sore shoulder, but I’ll throw some aspirin down and let’s go.’ ”

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