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Report: Mets Working on David Wright Contract

A published report claims the Mets are “quietly preparing” a long-term contract extension for David Wright.

David Wright makes play during Sunday's game against Marlins
David Wright makes play during Sunday’s game against Marlins

The Wall Street Journal reports that according to a baseball official who has been “briefed on the Mets thinking,” the offer would come later this year, perhaps as early as the summer. The official said the Mets would make the offer before the winter because if they are unable to work out a deal, the team would explore trade options.

Sandy Alderson is said to be still assessing Wright’s worth, and no final decisions have been made about how much money or how many years to offer Wright.

Wright is set to earn $16 million next season and he would likely get a raise from that figure. As far as years, I can’t see the Mets going any more than six years. Such a contract would take him through his 36th birthday, and signing a player beyond that age is just dumb in the post-steroid era. In fact, I can see the Mets only going five years with options years based on Wright remaining healthy and productive. I predict a five-year, $90 million deal will get it done, which would represent something of a hometown discount. Wright could probably demand a bit more on the open market, but he apparently really wants to be a Met for life. And besides, $18 million per year is still a fair offer.

Alderson would not talk about the Mets plans, but he did say Wright absolutely, positively will not be traded during this season.

“I certainly do not foresee, under any circumstances, David being a topic of discussion at the trade deadline,” Alderson said.

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