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Mets Stuck with Johan Santana for 2014?

While the Mets anxiously await the expiration of Johan Santana’s contract following the 2013 season so they can spend his $25 million elsewhere (or not spend it), the last of Omar Minaya’s vesting options has reared its ugly head.

johan santana
Johan Santana throws in Port St. Lucie.

Just like Francisco Rodriguez and Jason Bay before him, Santana can spend another overpaid season in Flushing if he meets incentives. In Santana’s case, he needs to reach 215 innings pitched and be on the active roster for the final 30 days of the season, as the Daily News pointed out on Friday.

Can Johan Santana do it? Well, he hasn’t pitched that many innings since 2008. That was also the last time he finished a season healthy.

Santana would need to average more than seven innings per start in 30 starts. Based on his performance last season, there is no indication that Santana can reach those levels this season.

A healthy, effective Johan Santana would be a nice thing to have in 2013. But going forward, it is more important to clear his salary in 2014 so the Mets can spend it to fill various holes in the roster.

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