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2013 Mets Payroll Lower than 2012

Back in December I wrote a post stating that despite Sandy Alderson’s proclamations that he would spend money, the Mets payroll in 2013 would be lower than in 2012, possibly even lower than $90 million. No one else was writing about this at the time. Many of my Twitter followers scoffed at me, saying I didn’t know what I was talking about. Well guess what — I did know what I was talking about.

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An estimate last week by the Associated Press pegged the Mets payroll at $88,887,033. I happen to think that is a little low; my own estimate puts the payroll closer to $92 million. We’ll know for sure when the actual figures are revealed on Cot’s Baseball Contracts, which has become the Bible of baseball contracts. I did not anticipate the signing of Shaun Marcum for $4 million when I speculated that the payroll would be less than $90 million.

Whatever the final number ends up to be, it will be lower than the $94,508,822 that the Mets opened with last season. And it will also expose yet another lie by Alderson, who insisted last year that the payroll would rise, that he would spend money to acquire new players. Well, we now know that he didn’t spend money and he didn’t acquire new players.

Of course, this is not the first time Alderson has lied about the Mets payroll, and it’s why I don’t understand why people believe the Mets will spend money for next season after the contracts of Johan Santana and Jason Bay are off the books. Remember following the 2011 season, when the salaries of Carlos Beltran, Francisco Rodriguez, Oliver Perez and Luis Castillo were eliminated? That $50 million went right into the pockets of the Wilpons. What makes anyone think the $50 million from Santana and Bay will go anywhere else?

Some of that money will be reinvested; after all, the Mets can’t have a $40 million payroll, right? Then again, the Mets are fielding a $40 million team this season with Santana and Bay not contributing. Who’s to say the Wilpons won’t like the sounds of that?

The Mets payroll is an embarrassment, especially coming at a time when teams are handing out $100+ million contracts like Halloween candy. Teams are getting rich from a huge increase in national TV money. The Mets are getting that cash as well, but they have chosen not to spend it. It is just disgraceful.

4 thoughts on “2013 Mets Payroll Lower than 2012

  • maybe sandy doesnt seek a fit. have we not learned givin away money to nobody’s doesnt win games

  • Concerned Homeowner

    Out of ALL the players who were available last off-season, Sandy did not see ONE FIT? I’m calling BS.

  • Concerned Homeowner

    More likely what you accidentally said is true – Sandy doesn’t SEEK a fit, except a way to fit more greenbacks into the Coupons’ collective pockets.

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