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Video: Renaming Citi Field?

When it was announced that the Mets new ballpark would be named Citi Field, people immediately came up with a similar sounding name for the stadium in the likely event that the Mets started playing terribly. You can figure it out on your own.

In this animated clip, Jeff Wilpon announces that the team has indeed changed the name of Citi Field to the un-family friendly name.

It also shows the nearly universal lack of respect for the younger Wilpon. I’m not exactly sure why that is. Yes, I have joined in the mocking on these pages as well, but when I think about it, what has Jeff Wilpon done wrong?

He certainly hasn’t behaved like the arrogant Jim Dolan, another son of a wealthy man given control of local teams. However, he just hasn’t garnered the respect that another son, Hal Steinbrenner, has managed to gain.

Jeff Wilpon doesn’t talk very much and we really don’t know what his exact role in the organization is. What decisions has he actually made? Who knows?

In any case, here’s the video:

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