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Noah Syndergaard to DL With Hand, Foot & Mouth Disease

The Mets placed Noah Syndergaard on the disabled list Sunday after he contracted with a case of hand, foot and mouth disease. Of course he did; this is the Mets, after all.

Syndergaard apparently caught the disease while trying to do a good thing — on a visit to a youth clinic on Thursday. It might explain his sluggish performance against the Yankees the following night, as his usual upper 90s velocity dipped to the low 90s.

Mets GM #1 John Ricco says Syndergaard will probably only miss one start. Didn’t they say that after Syndergaard hurt his finger and it took seven weeks for him to return to the mound?

You can’t blame the Mets and their revamped medical staff for this, obviously. But let’s do it anyway. Stupid Mets medical staff, allowing Noah Syndergaard to get a child’s disease!

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